Eta Phi Chapter at Boston University

Kappa Delta

President's Corner

Dear Sisters, Alumnae, and Guests,

Welcome to the Eta Phi chapter of Kappa Delta at BU! Eta Phi joined Boston University’s Greek Life in November 2010 and is an active organization within BU’s Panhellenic Council as well as on campus.  I’m so proud to see how much our chapter has grown over the past five years and look forward to another year surrounded by these incredible women. Kappa Delta promotes leadership, academic excellence, personal growth, philanthropy, social success & most importantly, sisterhood. I think what makes Kappa Delta unique is that in a culture where women are so used to competing with one another, our sisterhood is instead built on the foundation of inspiring confidence--both in ourselves and in others.

Heading into freshman year, I didn’t know where I’d find my place among the thousands of faces on Comm Ave. I befriended people on my floor, joined different clubs, and surrounded myself with people. Still, something hadn’t quite clicked. I took a chance on Formal Recruitment, and as I sit here writing this letter two years later, I couldn't be happier I did. I started college with the intention of building a well-rounded experience for myself—one filled with genuine friendships, fulfilling service, challenging clubs, rigorous academics, and inspiring role models. I have been lucky enough to find all of this in one place: Kappa Delta.

Somehow, while striving to meet the high standards that this sisterhood has set for me, it all fell into place. I’m not quite sure where along the way it happened. It might’ve been somewhere in the pints of Ben and Jerry’s I’ve shared with my roommates, who double as my sisters. It might’ve been in the whispers during study hours in the library. It might’ve been sometime during those walks back from chapter, or in the laughter of a late night heart-to-heart.

Our sisterhood actively works to inspire confidence in each other, but we also focus our philanthropic efforts on promoting confidence outside of our own circle. Both of our philanthropies, the Girl Scouts of the USA and Prevent Child Abuse America, aim to instill confidence in children. As a proud Girl Scout of twelve years myself, I feel honored to be able to work with and give back to an organization that has given so much to me. This organization emphasizes the importance of giving back, being kind, and having confidence in the fact that girls can do anything.  Because of KD, I have been able to pass on these lessons to younger scouts through activities like our annual Cookie Sales, campus tours, and Girl Scout Fashion Show. Additionally, our chapter hold an annual Fall Festival to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America and MassKids (the MA chapter of PCCA) located in Boston. Service has been a large part of my life, and Kappa Delta’s involvement in philanthropy continues to make my membership rewarding.

As Kappa Delta’s President, I look forward to giving back to a chapter that has provided lifelong friends, many fond memories, and so much unconditional support. I am excited to see our chapter continue to grow! I hope to provide each of our members with the same experience that I have had in KD. The confident, inspired, and passionate woman I am today is largely because of the genuine friendships and empowering experiences I have found within my sisterhood and in the Greek community. I’ll always be so grateful that I made the decision to go through recruitment and to give Greek life a chance. In doing so, I found a home, I found a family, and I found a better version of myself. I highly encourage any woman considering Greek Life to go through Panhellenic Recruitment so that they can see all that sorority membership has to offer. If you’d like more information on BU’s Sorority Life and all of our chapters here at BU, check out While you’re here, take a look around our website as well as Kappa Delta National, If you have any questions about Kappa Delta and/or Greek Life feel free to reach out to me at

Lots of KD love, 

Sofia Arnold - President